What’s in a name?

Wow. My very own blog. I feel like I’m more credible as a communicator just by having one. With so much pressure to be “in” on the social media circuit I was starting to feel left behind. But now, I am a proud new member of the blogger community. Although blogging is growing trend in many industries discussing a variety of topics, I feel there is extra pressure placed on PR professionals seeing as communication is our forte.

I felt that pressure today when simply deciding on what to call my blog. I wanted to go with something smart and witty, but with my reputation on the line, is that really the way to go?

The thought of being googled and having potential employers discover my blog’s URL is prettyinpink or hotstuff (which I had considered) is terrifying, not to mention the fact that I might not be considered for the job. We are taught to be aware of what is said about us on the web as it can influence how we are perceived. It is frustrating to know that I could be judged because of a youtube video posted years ago.

And don’t even get me started on facebook. I have to screen what is said on my wall or what photos I get tagged in. Thankfully I don’t generally engage in activities that could be damaging to my morale…to my knowledge anyways…

As for the name, Ramsay Ramsay is the result of a type-o by one of our instructors. For some reason it stuck and it’s been a nickname ever since. I’m pretty pleased with it actually. But does it really matter what I think? What’s important is that I sustain my credibility as a professional. But really, how important is a name anyways?


About ramsayramsay

I am a 24 year old public relations student at Centennial College and have a degree from Brock University in communications. I love to read, travel and spend time with friends and family. I enjoy writing am excited to share my thoughts on PR, social media and everyday life.

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  1. Good post, Megatron!

    I, too, am worried about all of those things with my name attached to it online. I spent much of Gary’s class today petrified by the number of pages that result in a Google search of my name. I just hope employers get tired of the amount before delving into every MySpace comment I’ve ever made. Yikes.

    I think I’ll write about this, too : )

    And, you totally didn’t consider hotstuff. Haha. Although you are!

  2. I pondered over the idea for a minute….

    p.s. this is fun

  3. I think there’s a lot to a name. Think of how many products have catchy names, and are more successful than their competitors because of it.

    It is scary to think of the things outside of your control on the internet. Facebook isn’t that bad, at least you can moderate the wall posts and image tags. Youtube has much less control.

    I have a secret. If you google Richard Weiss, a couple of published american academics come up. Which isn’t SO bad, even if it’s not me. 😉

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