I would like to take this time to share something about myself. I love to travel. It’s my passion and I feel there is no stronger way to build your communication skills then by throwing yourself into a country where the people have no idea what you are saying. Some of my most enjoyable traveling experiences exist when I am completely lost and have no idea what I am doing.

Through my traveling I have become a better communicator. I have learned that some of the strongest messages can be communicated without words. I feel that many of these transferable skills will help me in a career in public relations as I have learned how to understand people. That’s really what PR is all about; know who your audience is and do everything you can to make them think, feel and act to get what you want.

I make it sound so easy.

I would also like to share another one of my passions, which is photography. I am excellent at taking interesting photos by accident. I would like to share some of my favourites, and yes, I took these all myself with my crappy digital camera. Enjoy!

Interlaken, Switzerland

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Paris, France

Prague, Czech Republic

Algerciras, Spain

Athens, Greece

Guayaquil, Equador

Fez, Morocco

Seoul, South Korea


About ramsayramsay

I am a 24 year old public relations student at Centennial College and have a degree from Brock University in communications. I love to read, travel and spend time with friends and family. I enjoy writing am excited to share my thoughts on PR, social media and everyday life.

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  1. Man, those are some sweet pictures. I especially liked the from Italy, with the setting sun and the ripples in the water.

  2. Those are amazing, Meg! I love the Spain picture. It’s so modern art-like and unlike typical photos of Spain.

  3. Lisa Caroline Leung

    I agree, there’s so much more than words. I think what makes good PR practitioners is not just the ability to use words and other mediums to get the message across, but also the ability to percieve and observe these same things in other people (even when they don’t realize the messages they are subconsciously sending.)

  4. Wow Megan I love those pics! I love traveling too but unfortunately I haven’t been anywhere near the amount of cool places you have been! I haven’t even left North America, but I’m going to the Dominican next month! I think it’s interesting to communicate with people in a foreign country without knowing their language. I think it would be so hard to get by, but hey, you’re the expert!

  5. I definately share your passion for travel!

    I lived in Paris when I was fifteen and I told my frenchie friend that I wanted to go to Greece. She told me that she would have a hard time travelling in foreign countries because she couldn’t speak english.

    We are lucky that we speak a universal language, but I think many people travelling to foreign countries expect people to be able to communicate with them in english and get angry when they have trouble. I think Megan will agree that the more we travel, the more we realize that the world doesn’t revolve around us.

    For this reason, I definately agree with Megan that there is a lot more to communication than the words we say and I like her line “some of the strongest messages can be communicated without words.”

  6. You’re multi-talented aren’t you? A communicator and a photographer? Holy smokes! A deadly combo. Keep the shots coming!

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