Thinking of escaping the winter blues?

Hundreds of college and university students are taking off somewhere south leaving this nasty snow behind. I wish I was one of them. But if it were me, I would do it different.

I have been to many beaches in my life, in countries all over the world. But, I have never stayed at an all-inclusive resort. I just don’t get it. People pay hundreds, and thousands, of dollars go to a country and stay at a resort that really could be anywhere. No, I have never been to one, but I’ve seen the pictures, there is no real uniqueness to any of them.

I go to a country to experience the culture, to wander around in small towns and get lost, eating at strange restaurants where I can’t even pronounce the name of the food, chill with the locals and barter at hidden shopping markets.

So, if you are would like to take a real trip, here is what you do. Book a flight to wherever you want to go. Do it online because you are more likely to get a better deal, and you have the luxury of choosing which flights at what time. Then go to and choose from one of the hundreds of hostels that meets your location, price and availability. These days, hostels are like cheap bed and breakfasts. Most of them are actually really nice and on average cost $20 a night and are extremely clean and safe. Most hostels even offer private rooms for the couples who want to get away. They have staff that are knowledgeable about the sites, and house other travelers who are passionate about their experiences.

Now I’m sure an all-inclusive resort is a nice relaxing way to get away. And sometimes all you want to do it sit on a beach for a week drinking mojitos. But for the individuals with a adventurous spirit, try doing things a different way and create you own vacation. The experience will be more fulfilling and you’ll have better memories to share in the end.

Here are some of my favorite beach/holiday experiences:

Equador at sunset

South coast of Italy 1

South coast of Italy 2

Beach in Barcelona

Cliff jumping in Portugal (That’s me in the water)

La Palma, Spain (Me, soaking up the sun)

La Palma, Coast shot

Pool from Switzerland hostel (no swim up bar, but there was a climbing wall)

A random beach in Germany (near Berlin)


About ramsayramsay

I am a 24 year old public relations student at Centennial College and have a degree from Brock University in communications. I love to read, travel and spend time with friends and family. I enjoy writing am excited to share my thoughts on PR, social media and everyday life.

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  1. Megan, I completely agree…it’s really fulfilling when you can roam the back roads and experience the country in a different way. In the end it’s definitely about how much you’re willing to venture out of your comfort level. I suppose in one week your best bet is to go somewhere hot and just soak in rays, it’s better than shoveling snow!

    Your pictures are great!! We should compare notes later 😉

  2. Hey Megan, great post! I completely agree with you. My wife and I went to Aruba for our honeymoon, and to be honest, I hated it (well okay, maybe not hated, but definitely felt our five grand could have been better spent elsewhere.)

    The island was beautiful, but honestly, had no culture. Even now, I think how much more amazing it would have been to see the Mayan ruins in Mexico, or the pyramids in Egypt, or the Coliseum in Rome.

    I do think you can have a great, relaxing vacation in a all inclusive, sandy hotspot, but that’s if you just want to get away and do nothing but eat for two weeks!

    Personally, I prefer visiting other cultures, trying their food, seeing how they live, and seeing some of the achievements humans have created in other parts of the world. That’s my idea of a vacation.

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