Pardon my language but fuckyourogers


I really want the iPhone. Its got music, Internet and a nice touch screen; it’s trendy and right now its the biggest thing to have. And it’s not even that expensive. Apple is selling them for $199 (with plan – obviously) and if you ask me that is quite a steal. It does everything a blackberry does (which usually sell for hundreds more) but has music as well. What else could you want out of a phone?

Unfortunately, big corporate Rogers is taking everything it can out of consumers and is charging ridiculous amounts for cell phone plans. Apparently Pricing information was leaked and people went crazy with anti-Rogers campaigns. Now there are debates that this information is false! How can I keep up?

Not to mention the outrage that was caused by this disastrous announcement. A petition is circulating online at a site called encouraging people to boycott the iPhone and cancel your Rogers plans. They have even created videos on YouTube!

Will they succeed? Doubtful. I’m sure millions will still buy the iPhone and subdue to Rogers schemes. Will I? Considering my previous phone plan is still under contract probably not, but that doesn’t make me want it any less.

So, Friday, July 11 keep your eyes open for the iPhone, and the supposed protests that are to take place outside of Rogers stores. It should be an exciting day.

Update: Due to overwhelming consumer response Rogers is revamping thier 3G phone plans. Check out this article from the Globe and Mail which outlines the details of the new plan.


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  1. I don’t think this dislike/anger should be saved for just one carrier. While Rogers is doing the iPhone disaster (re: withholding information and lack of PR on one of the most anticipated product to the Canadian market place in years) main stream media is ignoring all the other blunders that Bell and Telus are doing.

    Bell, Telus to charge for incoming text messages.

    Here are a few comments from other blogs on this subject:

    “This charge is unbelievable. If someone sends me “spam” on my Bell phone, I have to pay for it? I made the mistake of giving my cellphone number to a car rental agency and now I get spam text messages,” a Bell customer ranted on a Canadian technology blog.

    “I actually work for Bell and I think this incoming text messages being charged is bogus!” posted another.

    So in the end, which carrier isn’t going to screw you over in the Canadian market place?? Or could the real answer to this be deregulation??

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