What do you really know about the Olympics – ANSWERS

For you newbies, I recently created a trivia game for a corporate party on the Olympics. I posted the questions last week and as promised I am now posting the answers. Consider this something fun to do for those of you slaving away at work.

Bronze Level


1. What do the five rings of the Olympics mean?

a. Five cities

b. Five countries

c. Five continents

d. No meaning


2. What are the five colours of the Olympic rings?


red, black, green, blue, and yellow


3. What does the Olympic Motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” mean?


a. Harder, Stronger, Faster

b. Swifter, Higher, Stronger

c. Better, Bigger Bolder

d. Win, lose, draw


4. According to the Olympic Creed, the most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but…

a. To beat your competitors
b. To play fair
c. To win big
d. To Take part

5. Where was the Olympic torch first lit?

a. Athens
b. Olympia
c. Rome
d. USA

6. Name five cities where the Olympics were hosted

The last five cities were Turino, Athens, Salt Lake City, Sydney, Nagano. For a full list of host cities click here

7. How often are Olympic Games held?


a. 4 years

b.10 years

c. 2 years

d. Every year

8. Women were first allowed to compete in the Olympics in what year?

a. 1800
b. 1850
c. 1900
d. 1950


9. Where were the most recent Olympics held?


a. Torino

b. Vancouver
c. Salt Lake City

d. Beijing


10. Which country is first in line during the Opening Ceremony’s Parade of Nations?


a. The host city

b. The country with the most metal from the last Olympics

c. The countries line up in alphabetical order

d. Greece

Silver Level

11. In what year were the first ancient Olympic Games held?


a. 554 B.C

b. 776 B.C.

c. 1000 B.C

d. 399 A.D

12. What is an Olympiad?

an interval of four years between Olympic Games

13. What do the colours of the Olympic rings represent?


The colors red, black, green, blue, and yellow were chosen because at least one of the colors is found in the flag of every nation.


14. Name one of the three sports that made their debut at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games?


taekwondo, trampoline, and triathlon


15. How much gold is in a gold metal?


a. 2 grams

b. 4 grams

c. 6 grams

d. 8 grams



16. Why were the Olympic games of 1916, 1940, 1944 cancelled?



17. How is the Olympic torch rekindled?

a. With the flame from an ancient candle
b. With a regular match
c. From the sun’s rays
d. Using oils that light naturally when mixed

18. The word “gymnasium” comes from the Greek root “gymnos”, which means…?   (nude; the literal meaning of “gymnasium” is “school for naked exercise.” Athletes in the ancient Olympic Games would participate in the nude.)

a. Gymnasium
b. Exercise
c. Compete
d. Nude

19. Who was the “inventor” of the modern Olympic Games?

a. Joseph Brookes
b. Baron Pierre de Coubertin
c.  Henri Zapeas
d. Alexander the Great

20. When were the first Olympic Games televised? (Hint: The games took place in Rome)

a. 1940
b. 1952
c. 1960
d. 1964

Gold Level

21. How many times did the Summer Olympics feature the sport of Live Pigeon Shooting?

a. Once
b. Twice
c. Five times
d. Never

22. What contest of team strength was an official Olympic event from 1900 to 1920?

a. Weightlifting
b. Red Rover
c. Tug of War
d. Three on three boxing

23. What did members of the Canadian swim team swear to give up during the 1996 Olympics?

a. Fast food
b. Sex
c. Washing their swim suits
d. Drugs

24.What Olympic event includes such positions as the Flamingo, crane and fishtail?

a. Gymnastics
b. Synchronized swimming
c. Karate
d. Taekwondo

25. How many continents must a sport be played on before the IOC will consider making it an Olympic event for men?

a. Four
b. Two
c. 10
d  12

26. What are the five events including in the modern Olympic pentathlon?

fencing, cross-country running, riding, shooting and swimming

27. What are the four throwing events in the Olympics?

javelin, shotput, discus and hammer throw and hammer

28. What Olympic event involves executing a plant, hang, push-pull, handstand and release?

Pole vault

29. What Olympic sport is played with stones and brooms?


30. What women’s team sport was played on sand for the first time at the 1996 summer Olympics?

Beach Volleyball



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