MONOPOLY: The results

Fo those of you following the hype around the new MONOPOLY Here and Now: The World Edition game board the results are in. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about read this

Kudos to Canada for having three Canadian cities make the cut. And now, (drumroll please), the new board:

I found it quite odd (but nice) that Montreal is the new Boardwalk. And Jerusalem beat Toronto? Geez people! The site doesn’t give much info on how the cities were selected to be in the position they are but I assume it was by the number of votes…???

I think the coolest (yes, I said coolest) thing about the board is how they are incorporating relevent cultural scenarios and events from around the world. Community Chest and Chance cards will invite people to celebrate at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or host a St. Patty’s Day party in Dublin, and the tokens, houses and hotels will be reflective of the styles from all seven continents.  

Unforunatly they released the results of the new board on 08/08/08. Had they choosen a less popular day they may have had some interest. I don’t know – maybe it’s just me thinking that a new Monopoly board has less news value then the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Just an idea.

What are your thoughts on the new board? Will you buy it? Are you surprised by the results?


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  1. I just read about this today. I think it was in Marketing Daily. So even though the results were announced on such a busy day for media, the news was obviously still relevant enough to talk about days later. I think this is the kind of news that will be timely for a while.

    I didn’t know MTL is Boardwalk! That’s pretty effing cool.

    I’m actually mad, though, that Ottawa’s not on there. And not just because I love the city so damn much! It’s the freaking capital of our nation! I think leaving Ottawa out perpetuates the international thought that Toronto is Canada’s capital.

    I probably won’t buy it, though. Good ol’ classic Monopoly still does the trick : )

  2. It must be some mistake? Three Canadian cities? The only major city in Canada is Toronto. Maybe Vancouver is the one in Washington state…? And no cities in India? It has 1 billion people. There’s some story behind this…

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