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Take my challenge. I dare you.

For those of you who actually remember the early 80’s, I want to take you back to a time when people sent personalized mail through the post, had conversations in person and had to go to a library to get information. Back to a time before computers and before the internet.

I’m only 24 I remember (vaguely) what it was like.

This past weekend I went to my friend’s cottage in Grand Bend. Lots of people, beer and bbq. Good times. But as fun and crazy as the weekend was, it was very peaceful to be without some of the basic amenities that I have come to rely on so much in my busy life: No internet, no cable, no cell phone. Sign.

Sounds ludacris, I know, but imagine the freedom one can feel by not being controlled by having to refresh your browser every 30 seconds waiting for that ever-important e-mail.

Martin Waxman from Palette PR recently blogged about his attempt to go 24 hours without the internet. Like myself, he found that the temptation was hard to resist as the internet has become a second nature to many of us. Then when he finally reconnected, he discovered that there was nothing “earth-shattering” awaiting him. My reconnection resulted in a ton of e-mails and a few missed calls, but nothing that was important enough to interrupt my somewhat peaceful weekend.

The internet is still a very new phenomena and most of us have lived long enough to watch the technology grow. Sometimes it bothers me how much we rely on it, especially in situations when kids are engaging so much of their time in online activities. I understand the benefits of the internet heavily outweigh the cons, but I fear for the time when the internet begins to consume society, even more than it already does.

So I am challenging each of you follow in Martin’s footsteps and pry yourselves away from the computer for 24 hours. See what happens, how often you go to it unaware you are even doing so. I think we could all benefit from some offline time.

Give it a shot – Let me know how long you last.


I am not a computer geek. But sometimes I wish I was.


I never thought that getting into PR I would learn so much about computers. I know more now then most of my computer savvy friends, and have even impressed my Dad, who knows everything about computers.

The truth is, I really don’t like computers all that much. I’m really in to all this new social media stuff, but only because I feel it will enhance my career opportunities. I really enjoying learning and experiencing all these technologies, but I am having a hard time getting involved and staying involved.

Many of my friends from school would consider themselves computers geeks. And to be honest, I am totally jealous. They not only have learned all the new media tools, but have embraced social media as a part of their lives. I felt like if they are doing something then I have to follow and join the newest online network. I added twitter and joined seesmic and oovoo, but I just can’t get involved.

For a long time I thought I was falling behind by not keeping up with the trends enough to be considered computer literate. After a quick chat with social media guru Maggie Fox, from the Social Media Group, I was reassured that I don’t need to be engaging in every new social media tool that presents itself, but that just being aware of what they are and how I can use them is really a big advantage.

I’ve been fighting with myself every night to sit in front of my computer to learn more and take part in online conversations, but really, it just isn’t for me, and that’s OK. I can stay engaged and follow twitter feeds and read blogs, but I don’t need to force myself to take part in something that doesn’t interest me all that much.

So, thank you to Maggie for making me feel better about not being the computer genius I want to be. And so maybe my blog posts won’t be introducing the newest media tool and how it can be used in PR. And maybe I won’t have anything to talk about with my friends who spend all night on seesmic. But really, the computer thing, not for everyone.

Are you addicted to your computer?

Until a few months ago I was pretty computer illiterate. I was a member of facebook and that’s about it. I barely knew what blogging was and thought of whole concept was a little strange. I am now a member of Linkedin and MyRagan, I listen to podcasts, bookmark with and even follow feeds on Twitter.

I do my best to follow every new form of social media out there. There is just so much going on and always something new to explore. It’s exciting to follow what different people are doing and a great learning experience.

My boyfriend (whom I live with) feels very different on the whole situation. He thinks I have an addition and I spend way too much on my computer. His career is quite different so he doesn’t follow any of these new trends. I try to convince him that it is a part of school and will help me advance my career, but he still sees it as a waste of time.

There is so much competition and so many young PR professionals trying to break into the industry and land a good job. I will do my best to ensure that I have the skills employers are looking for, and if that requires me to spend hours on my computer then so be it.

At first I started showing an interest in social media and web 2.0 because I was assigned to do so. Now I do it out of pure interest. I have learned more online then I have in many of my classes.

I feel like if I miss a day then I will fall behind. There are so many people talking about such fascinating things and I want to be a part of the conversations. There is just so much going on.

So tell me, how much is too much? When do you draw the line? Are you an addict?

To all the techies out there

I recently came across a series of online life simulation type

I may be out of the loop, but I recently discovered these new simulation type games that are played online and to be honest, I’m a little confused. The one that I have heard the most about is called Second Life. For those who don’t know, Second Life in a virtual world where users are residents and are able to interact with one another through avatars. It’s not even really a game. There are no points or winners, but there is a currency and games to be played within Second Life. You can even do business! I mean, is this the new wave of social networking???

And second life is not the only one. After some research I have discovered number of competitors such as IMVU, Kaneva, Active Worlds and the erotic Red Light Center.

Is anyone a member? Can someone offer some insite as to the functionality of these programs? Anyone…???