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Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

Anyone born in the last 65 years will know what the title of this post refers to. Monopoly. One of (if not the most) popular board games of all time. There was a fair bit of hype a few months ago over the MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition, where people could log on to the Monopoly website and vote for their city to be featured on the new game board. A clever way to engage fans through digital means, Hasbro and Monopoly successfully executed viral brand marketing.

Why did it work? Other then the obvious that everyone and their Grandmother has played Monopoly and would love to have their city featured on the new board, check out this post which the explains why the campaign was so successful.

Anyways, months later and here we are, just weeks away from the results! According to the Hasbro website the new World Edition game will be launched August 27. If this were not exciting enough, Hasbro is attempting to break a world record by having the largest simultaneous game of Monopoly ever! Fans can play via the board game, online, mobile phone or video game console. The site says to come back in July for further details and seeing that it is August 11 they kinda missed the boat on that one.

Regardless, very cool concept that was very successful. Will I buy the new game, no. I love the original and there is no reason to change a classic. I will follow up to see if Toronto made the cut as a proud Torontonian and Monopoly lover.  For those interested, check out this timeline which shows Monopoly through the years. Its actually pretty cool.