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New look?

I get bored very easily with the way I look. I almost never wear my hair the same way twice in a row and I am often changing my image through jewelry, accessories, haircuts and colours. I honestly just got tired of the green (for new people my blog was once a green theme, my favourite colour) and wanted a new look. Having grown up a little since PR school I went with something simple and classic.

New, informative and interesting posts to follow soon.



For all my loyal readers, this has nothing to do with PR, but I GOT A PUPPY!!!

My boyfriend and I have been debating getting one for a while and then this past weekend we just decided to do it. We wanted a French bulldog x beagle or x pug but we got the number of breeder from a friend of a friend and decided to go check out some of her puppies. We drove to a small town called Queensville (north of Newmarket) and after almost driving away due to the fact that she had an evil Doberman who we thought was going to eat us. After standing beside the car for a while we notice there was an electrical fence and then proceeded towards the puppies.

We told the breeder that we were interested in bulldog mix breeds and she showed us a puppy that we feel in love with instantly. She was part Olde English Bulldog and part pug and she was the only one left from her litter. My boyfriend picked her up and shit instantly clung to his body and didn’t want to let go. We knew we had to get her.

So, here she is, the newest addition to our family, Zoey.

UPDATE: Zoey is now 10 weeks old and she is a MONSTER! Damn, puppies are more work then babies. She bites everything (including us) and always wants to play. She can’t hold her bladder for more then a couple of hours (and cannot wear diapers – like babies) and she wakes up in the middle of the night! I love her, but geez!

TTC this!


I, like many of you out there, am a Toronto commuter. I take the TTC every day to and from school in a 45 minute each way ride. Some people think I’m crazy, but there are tons of people out there who have it much harder than I do.
As much as I enjoy my ride on a day to day basis, sometimes I want to scream. Sure there are perks, but then there are those people who make me so angry. So, I would like to share with everyone some TTC etiquette that I think everyone should follow.

1. Let people off before getting on
Now, I think this is an obvious one, but often when the subway doors open someone is standing right there desperate to get on. Just move out of the way!!! I need to get off!!!

2. Do NOT sit in an aisle seat when the window seat is open
I don’t want to climb over you just to sit down. Just move over, I’ll politely get up when you have to get off.

3. Get up when you see an elderly, pregnant or injured person get on
Again, sounds obvious, but the other day I actually watched two women argue about who was going to allow the extremely elderly person sit down. And to my surprise, the very pregnant woman go up! The other women complained of back problems. Like come on!

4. Your bag does not deserve a seat of its own

5. Be conscious of the volume of your music
I may be trying to read, I don’t want to hear what you are listening to.

6. Don’t litter. Seriously
The other day I watched a man eat sunflower seeds on the subway, and he spit the shells on the ground. Ech.

7. Try not to be too loud or annoying
This is mostly for a younger audience, but I’ve probably had a long day and I just want to relax. Please be considerate of others around you.

8. Stand on the right, pass on the left
I’ll admit, I am an escalator walker. I have places to go and generally just want to get there. If you want to enjoy the ride, stand on the left, and get out of my way.

So, that is all I can think of right now. Please feel free to share any of your TTC pet peeves as this is your chance to let it all out. We are communicators, maybe this is the time for social change…