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To all the techies out there

I recently came across a series of online life simulation type

I may be out of the loop, but I recently discovered these new simulation type games that are played online and to be honest, I’m a little confused. The one that I have heard the most about is called Second Life. For those who don’t know, Second Life in a virtual world where users are residents and are able to interact with one another through avatars. It’s not even really a game. There are no points or winners, but there is a currency and games to be played within Second Life. You can even do business! I mean, is this the new wave of social networking???

And second life is not the only one. After some research I have discovered number of competitors such as IMVU, Kaneva, Active Worlds and the erotic Red Light Center.

Is anyone a member? Can someone offer some insite as to the functionality of these programs? Anyone…???